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Example Reading: Powerful Spirit Guide

One reason why it can be tough to believe information received in the psychic space is that, often, it's just good, common-sense advice that's being handed out by a person's spirit guide team. It could just as easily be coming from the mind of the psychic him/herself. In my case, I'm not nearly wise enough to be giving out that kind of awesome advice on my own, so that's how I know it's not coming from me! But every so often, something happens during a reading that surprises and impresses even me. This reading was one I did in 2010, and I still think about it, because it was just that unique and special.

This reading was requested by an anonymous user of a social-networking site that I belong to. The question and response were public at the time, but names have still been omitted for privacy here.

The Request

The requestor said that she was having trouble reaching her spirit guide, and would like some assistance in figuring out why. I had no other information, other than a generic user name and profile picture of a flower.

The Reading

Hi [User Name],

I just finished with your reading, and I sure hope I've tuned into the right energy. Is your real name [omitted]?

Here's what happened in the reading...

I entered my meditative space and called out to your guide. And nothing. I got a vague impression of a presence, so I waited a little bit. I asked my guide, and he said that I should just wait. But I'm impatient, so I called out again. And waited. I was sure that I felt a presence. I wondered if your guide was maybe an elemental type of spirit - wind, water, earth, fire, something like that. I watched and waited a little more. I saw you, shining brightly, and the edges of your body extended outward to merge with the physical things around you. Then, a great rumbling began. The "walls" of my space started shifting, slowly, like the way lava flows down a gentle slope. The energy of my imaginary space started to coalesce, and out of these lava walls, a shape emerged. I could see that the shape was a man, although still the dark color of the lava walls, and still a part of the walls.

"Are you the guide?" I asked him. "No," he replied slowly in a deep, gravelly voice, "I am the companion." I thanked him for the effort that it must have cost him to come to me, and asked him where I could find your guide, why your guide would not come to me. "She cannot come," he said. "You must go there." I had already gotten the impression of a place off in the distance, but still I asked how I might get to this place. "Think of it," he said, "and you will be there." Sure enough, as soon as he said "think of it", the place came zooming into view.

I wondered where I was, and who it was that I was supposed to meet here. No sooner than my thought was complete, but your guide appeared in front of me. I asked her where I was, and she said that I was in Elohinah (eh-Low-hee-NAH). (I don't know Hebrew, and I couldn't find a goodtranslation of the word online. If you know someone who speaks Hebrew, I would be interested to know what the word would mean if it were a real word, which I don't think it is.) I asked her what her name was, and she told me that it was Katarina, but when she said it, I heard the name in every language I've ever heard of and probably some I haven't heard of. At that point, my guide stepped forward and bowed to kiss her hand, and I came to understand that Katarina (the name means "pure") is someone with a special role and duty. I can't really explain my understanding of her role; "goddess" is probably the best I can do.

I wish I had sufficient words to describe what Elohinah is like and what the presence of your lady is like. The beauty of both is completely overwhelming. Tears ran from my eyes and chills ran up and down my body over and over just to think of it. I believe that Catherine cannot come down from Elohinah to appear in a fashion like the guides do in the guided meditation that I linked you to. I believe that you must go to her.

I asked Catarina about you and your role here on Earth. I assumed that it must be a different role than most others, because I'd never experienced anything like this. She said that your role here is to help watch over the Earth. She said that you must go to the sacred places of the Earth, and that there you must "invoke Elohinah". I was struck by another understanding, that Elohinah is also a force, an energy, a state of being. You arrived on Earth with all of the knowledge that you need to complete this task for the Earth. I asked her when you should go to these places, and the answer was clear. NOW. Go now. Are you feeling drawn to a specific place right now? It seemed to me that it didn't really matter which one you picked, that you would have the same impact no matter where you were.

That's about the best I can explain it! I hope that answered your question. In short, you've got to go to your guide, she can't come to you. Try something similar to the guided meditation, but instead of your guide coming to you, imagine that you go to her in Elohinah instead. Will you let me know if that works for you?

Thanks for the opportunity to do this reading for you. It was an amazing experience.

Still in awe,


Requestor's Response

The next day, the requestor changed her profile picture to a photo of a red clay mask that looked exactly like the Companion's face. She also wrote:


Thank you so much for taking the time to help me! This totally explains my problem, truly it does. I was waiting for her and I was supposed to GO TO HER. I can't believe it never occurred to me! Believe me when I say, everything else you said makes perfect sense to me. Every. Single. Word.

Thank you again :)



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