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Areas of Expertise

Psychic Mediumship

All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. Mediums specialize in communicating with non-physical beings to bring their wisdom to the Earth plane. I specialize in working with my clients' teams of spirit guides, angels, and esteemed ancestors to provide clarity and direction during difficult life circumstances.

Light Body Illumination and Compassionate Depossession

Compassionate Depossession and Light Body Illumination are ancient shamanic techniques that, on the outside, look similar to a session of Reiki energy work. Each can be done in person or at a distance. The intention of the work is to reset the body's energetic matrix back to its divine blueprint, removing the energetic influence of old stories, leaving you feeling relaxed, peaceful, and energized immediately. Much more effective and longer-lasting than smudging, this service is available for your home and business space as well!

Sacred Ceremony

There are many times in our lives that are best when marked by a ceremony of some kind: the transition from girl to woman or boy to man, leaving the childhood home to enter the world on one's own, making life-changing commitments such as marriage or parenthood, entering a healing profession, retiring from the world of work, or transitioning from the world of the physical to return to the world of the spiritual, among others. Co-create the perfect ceremony with me to mark your important life change.

Intuitive Training

Individual classes are designed to be intensive, for those who have a deep need and commitment to make progress quickly. The classes are customized to each person's individual experience, traditions, and beliefs, in order to not have to relearn things already known and so that the new skills can be easily incorporated into daily life. Students are given books to read, audio tracks to listen to, writing assignments, and daily practices to make sure that the learning sticks with them long after the class is over.

My Journey


Unlike intuitive sessions, which are usually done only once in a while, a coaching relationship allows me to support you on an ongoing basis. Coaching provides a container for you to achieve professional, personal, and/or spiritual goals more effectively than by working on them alone. Although I am open to providing coaching for many different types of goals, I'm currently focusing on the following areas:

Highly Sensitive Professionals

People who are especially sensitive to the energy of people, places, and things have unique challenges and opportunities in the workplace. With a deep personal understanding of what that means, I offer insightful questions and useful tools to help you navigate the workplace more effectively. Learn to use your sensitivity as a strength and grow as a leader in your organization.

Psychedelic Integration Coaching

The use of psychedelics to expand our awareness is quickly becoming mainstream. I offer assistance for navigating all stages of the experience: honing an intention beforehand, debriefing afterward, understanding and learning from a "bad trip", and supporting long-term change. Fully integrate the lessons learned during expanded states of awareness into a purpose-filled day-to-day life, supported by an experienced guide.

Single sessions of psychedelic integration coaching for preparation or debriefing only may be scheduled by booking a 60-minute session at the Book Online link in the top menu. In case it's not obvious, I do not offer psychedelic substances, and cannot refer you to someone who does. I can only assist with the processing part of the experience.

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