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Gemstone Malas for Meditation and Energetic Support

The easiest way to use a mala is to sit quietly with your eyes closed, and pass one bead through your fingers for each breath you take.

Many of the malas in this shop were custom projects that I would be happy to recreate for you, or I can work with you to create the perfect mala for your unique needs. If the listing shows "in stock", it's ready to ship to you today! Almost everything that is out of stock can be made to order for you. All malas feature 108 8mm counting beads, three 10mm spacer beads, and a guru bead. Only authentic gemstones are used in these creations.


Malas that were created over a period of time using focused intention are called Magical Malas. These malas build on the natural properties of the gemstones used, and carry a powerful additional energetic matrix that supports and encourages your specific spiritual growth goal. All Magical Malas are made to order, and require more than a month to complete. You may not purchase a Magical Mala as a surprise gift; the intended recipient of the mala must participate in crafting the intention for the work.

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