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Working with Me

How may I be of service?

My passion is to facilitate others' self-discovery, so we can all embrace our shared humanity with clarity, compassion, and courage. The tools I have available to assist in that are varied. You can learn more about my services by clicking the link below.

To book an individual session with me, please click on the "Book Now" link below. To learn more about the workshops I offer, please scroll down. To book a workshop, please click the "Upcoming Workshops" link below.

Green Succulent Plant


Becoming a Clear Channel / Hollow Bone

I've been working on building these workshops since 2009, collecting thoughts about what it really takes to be able to use our intuitive gifts well, learning techniques that I can pass on to you, and crafting a framework for how to create the proper foundation upon which to build meaningful intuitive capacity. I'm certain that they will change over time, and appreciate you being a part of creating and refining this framework.

Please reach out to me with any questions about the workshops, and if there are any topics sparking your interest in you that you don't see addressed here.

Foundations Series

12 months

This series of two-hour sessions is geared toward beginners, but may be beneficial for anyone who would like to gain more clarity and control over their intuitive capacity. While it's structured as a sequential 12-month series, you can drop in and out of the sequence at any time. Please keep in mind that attending all 12 topics - in whatever order works for you - is what will provide the well-rounded expertise that is my goal for you.

1. Mindfulness, the fine art of paying attention

2. Mindfulness of the mind

3. Mindfulness of the heart

4. Mindfulness of the body

5. Working with the body's messages

6. Shadow work

7. Our personal value systems

8. Ethics

9. No-Thought Meditation

10. Visualization and symbolism

11. Keeping your fields clear

12. Touching creator consciousness

Practice Sessions


Learning how your unique intuitive capacity works is very much like learning another language. It's critical to practice, practice, practice. The practice sessions start with an hour of learning practical tips for how to conduct an intuitive session, and end with an hour of practicing your skills with your peers. It's a light and fun way to spend an afternoon.

Shaman Lands Series

12 months

This is series is open to anyone, but those who will get the most out of it are those who have experience with shamanic journey work or meditation, and particularly those who have completed the Foundations workshop series and have been attending the Practice Sessions. For those who are more at the beginning of their journey, this series can provide a look at future possibilities.

1. Navigating the Shaman Lands

2. The shamanic upper world

3. Connecting with spirit guides

4. Accessing the akashic records

5. The shamanic middle world

6. Soul retrieval in past and current lives

7. Astral entities and other energetic disturbances

8. The shamanic lower world

9. Working with crystals and herbs

10. Plant dueños and dietas, tobacco

11. Walking between the worlds

12. The mechanics of manifestational magic

Special Topics

Scattered during the year

These are hot topics that fall outside the educational frameworks of the other workshops series offerings. I'll be offering these here and there as my schedule permits.

1. The soul's relationships: soul families, soul agreements, past life connections, karma, and romance

2. Past life journey work

3. Journaling and automatic writing

4. Advanced techniques: Channeling

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