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This is my personal mala, the one I wear the most. I wear it at work, I wear it in ceremonies, I wear it when I do readings and energy clearings. I chose black tourmaline as the energetic base because it is such a special stone. It is piezoelectric, and I find that its unique properties make it grounding and protective without the strong neutralizing affect of many of the other black stones.

I wanted to be able to wear it incognito-style with a business suit, so I chose a faceted, sparkly version of the stone, and a sterling silver pendant with clear quartz faceted beads for a little extra sparkle. Choose your favorite pendant (ask me where to look for your options!) and add the cost to the base price of $170 for the tourmaline and quartz bead mala. Tourmaline is one of the more expensive stones with which to build a mala, but it's worth it!

Custom Mala: Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz

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