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Channeling: Maitreya's Book of Knowledge

Part of being a medium is that my mind has been trained to let information pass through it, without holding onto any of it. What this means is that I don't remember most the things I say when I'm doing a reading, and I remember almost none of the things I say when I'm channeling. One strange side effect of this is that I often forget how long I've been doing this work. I ran across this channeling from 2011 recently when I was going through some old documents, and it seems just as relevant today as it did back then. I hope you enjoy it.

As background information, these days I don't usually channel any of the beings commonly known as the "ascended masters". I feel that bringing through information that's quite general in nature isn't really what I'm here for; I feel much more drawn to bringing through specific information, in service to the spiritual growth of a specific person. However, this channeling was from a time that I was playing around with channeling generally.

I wasn't familiar with Maitreya before this channeling, beyond having heard the name enough to be able to spell it properly. I can't say I'm any more familiar with Maitreya now, either. It could be that this was the reason I was able to connect with clarity: because I didn't have any preconceived notions of who Maitreya is that could have gotten in the way of a clear flow of information.

The below has been slightly edited to eliminate the questions I asked that were personal in nature, but is otherwise as I recorded it during the channeling session.

The Channeling

The Maitreyan Book of Knowledge

A gift from the Pleiadian High Council

Greetings dear ones,

We are come to bid you good cheer and to expand your understanding of those parts of the universe that are hidden to the naked eye. Toward understanding the nature of things in the universe, we are desiring to show you heart-centered ways of knowing the mysteries of living. Your will to know these things is an important ingredient in the quest for knowledge.

To begin, we would like to say that all beings will experience the way of things in their own ways. What makes sense to one is not all that there is. There is always much more that lives beyond our comprehension. In this way, we learn what we are ready and capable to learn at the time. Learning more requires an expanded understanding, with one new idea building on another. The pyramids represent this idea – one level building on another. There is always more to learn.

To begin, then, we will start with the more basic thoughts that are needed to understand the way of things. First, the concept of loving-kindness. Many misunderstand this concept. It is not to give your self away to whatever use others may wish. It is merely to recognize that loving-kindness is the way of all things. It is the law of evolution that things will want to come toward the creative power of love. Love is the compass that guides all life. When one is out of alignment with love and light, life becomes pain-filled and weariness results. Life that is in alignment with love is joyful and energized, the day is easy and filled with meaning and purposeful interactions.

This is what the first page [of the book] says. There is more, of course. Love. It is a big topic, no? It brings me great joy to speak of it with you.

(Who are you?) I am the consort to the great ones who decide the laws. I am the seat of the Pleiadian high council, the source that sustains the place/space, love, light, sound, spirit, love of the council’s members. (What is your name?) Maitreya Eninodhamsa Alohim is the best way to describe what I am.

Let there be love over all creation.

5 February 2011


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