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Light Body Illumination

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Our immortal souls are perfect vessels of divine essence. When our bodies feel certain elements of physical, mental, or spiritual dis-ease, it is because of errors in the energetic patterning of our human interface, blocks that prevent our divine essence from moving through our bodies smoothly and clearly. These errors can arise from many sources, including past lives, ancestral themes, childhood events, physical trauma and illnesses, social pressures, and many more.

Light Body Illumination seeks to remove these errors or blocks in the human "being", so that our unique human expression of our immortal divine essence can flow effortlessly, directly from Source into our lives.

A Light Body Illumination session takes place fully clothed, with most of the time spent lying comfortably on a massage table. For those who are familiar with Reiki, while the Illumination protocol is different than Reiki, the process is similar. The practitioner works in the space just above the body, and touch is completely optional.

Each person receiving a Light Body Illumination session will have a different experience, but the most common reactions are:

  • feeling dense pockets of "something" being removed from within the body or from the energy field close to the body

  • feeling emotional blocks being removed (along with an accompanying emotional release, such as crying or laughing)

  • feeling deeply relaxed and at peace by the end of the session

These sessions are available both in-person and via Zoom.


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