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About Me

Updated: Mar 20

By day, I am a commercial loan officer at a community bank, a career that has occupied the center stage of my work life since 1996. In my spare time, I have spent all of my adult life learning to corral a powerful intuitive sensitivity that has been with me since birth.  

I was very much a science and math girl growing up, competing in math competitions and the high school trivia team, and imagining a career in business. But there was a part of me that was always interested in the unseen. When I was a child of about 9 years of age, I recall going to the public library, checking out star charts, and drawing up my astrological birth chart with my stubby pencil and brightly-colored plastic protractor as soon as I had enough math to complete the calculations. I bet you can imagine the look my TAG teacher's face when wide-eyed 10-year-ol