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Intuitive Skills Training

Individual classes are designed to be intensive, for those who have a deep need and commitment to make progress quickly. The classes are customized to each person's individual experience, traditions, and beliefs, in order to not have to relearn things already known and so that the new skills can be easily incorporated into daily life.

Students are given books to read, audio tracks to listen to, writing assignments, and daily practices to make sure that the learning sticks with them long after the class is over. The two-hour classes can be supported with 30-minute check-in sessions as needed to make sure students are staying on track. Each two-hour class is $150 for the first person. Additional students interested in learning the same material are welcome to attend as well, for an additional $20 per person.

What you might learn in an intuitive skills training session

  1. How physical and emotional health contribute to intuitive clarity

  2. What the ego is, how it can interfere with intuitive clarity, and what to do about it

  3. What shadow work is, why it's important, and how to get started

  4. Why compassion for self and others is so important to the intuitive experience

  5. How to do intuitive work ethically

  6. How the psychic mind works, and how to access it

  7. Mindfulness (the fine art of paying attention) and meditation (learning to dissociate consciously)

  8. The structure of the intuitive/shamanic landscape, and where to go for what information

  9. The importance of symbolic languages

  10. The care and maintenance of the energy body

  11. Astral entities: what they are and what to do about them

  12. Soul contracts and appointments: what they are and what to do about them

  13. Soul mates, soul groups, and why certain people seem so familiar and hard to forget

  14. The secret life of the soul, and what yours does when it's not in a body

  15. Spirit guides and soul councils: what the differences are, and how to access each one

  16. What the "clairs" are and which of them are strongest for you

  17. How to structure a reading or energy clearing for maximum effectiveness

  18. The secret to correctly interpreting the information your intuition delivers to you

  19. How to deal with feedback, whether positive or negative


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