Amaya Urzaa

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psychic, medium, and urban shaman

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Could you use a tune-up of your personal energy field? If you've had less energy than usual lately, it could be the result of energetic entities, cords, or other imbalances in your energetic pathways. Book an energy work session with Amaya and feel clean, clear, revitalized, and more in tune with your divine essence.

Are you acting in harmony with your soul's life plan? Are you doing what you came here to Earth to do? How does your current situation fit within the larger scheme of things? Find out about your life path and the helpers you have with you on your journey by booking a reading with Amaya.

Are you ready to build a better relationship with your own intuitive abilities? Amaya offers small-group classes and one-on-one private lessons for students at all stages of intuitive development.

Amaya Urzaa is a

who believes spiritual advice should be

relevant, practical, and actionable.

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