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I received a past-life soul retrieval/reading from Amaya and was really amazed at the level of detail. Amaya picked up on things that I believe were affecting my present life, and which I believe explain or at least strongly influence aspects of my personality today. She helped me to connect more easily with my guides. I think the greatest benefit I have gotten is that knowing what I now know, I am more compassionate, especially toward myself. I was so other-centered that I had to see myself in another person (or vice versa) to be able to unlock that compassion. I would highly recommend one of these readings! - Alexandra

Past-Life Soul Retrievals

Amaya is truly a wonderful and amazing psychic. I received a past-life soul retrieval reading from her, she puts so much detail and time into the readings she does for other people....utterly well worth the money. The answers to questions you may have are very insightful and knowledgeable. After the retrieval, even though my energy has felt different, it's also felt like as if my soul was enlightened just a bit more. Seriously though, this reading is legit. In the reading, things were brought up that only I knew about myself, it left me speechless. I very highly recommend this type of reading!!! - Kimberley

The reading was highly detailed, and written in a way that 'clicked'. It helped me piece together some things I had been working on lately and furthered me to working on things I hadn't expected. All in all it was just what I needed. I was able to get some post reading followup as well and any questions I had regarding minor details were answered. I'm so glad that I was able to cross Amaya's path and get this reading - you will be too! - Tempie

can provide resolution and healing of many types of issues. They are especially good for:

Discovering previous skills, talents, and personality traits

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Soul Retrieval

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Identifying the root cause of unexplainable obsessions and compulsions

Understanding current relationships with people known in other lifetimes

Distinguishing between present-caused issues and echoes from past trauma

Finding out how current life lessons were dealt with in previous incarnations

Realizing that this lifetime is not the only chance we have to "get it right" or "do it all"