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Are Astral Parasites to Blame?

Astral parasites - sometimes mistaken for "demons", but entirely different - have been the theme of the past few months. In this blog entry, I'll describe the structure of the astral realm, the types of entities found there, how astral parasites specifically interact with humans, how to know if you might be affected by a parasite, and what to do and not do to about these entities.

Structure of the Astral Realm and Types of Entities Found There

Although most spiritual practitioners agree that the spirit realms have "levels" of consciousness that are defined by the density of the energy found in each, there is little agreement on how many levels there are exactly. Each person perceives and interprets this information differently.

In my worldview, I see the non-physical or "astral" realms as having twelve layers or "dimensions", from the highest to lowest levels, as follows:

Twelve - Creator Consciousness, the level of completion, or "omega" level. This level is what we think of as highest level of consciousness, pure oneness, love, joy, and peace. At this level, the energy density is such that there is no separate consciousness, no "beings", just a soup of pure consciousness.

Ten and Eleven - It is difficult even for me to maintain contact with this level for any meaningful period of time. What I have seen at this level are beings that I would refer to as "Titans", after the Greek gods so named. I have heard others refer to these as the Archangels. These beings feel extremely old to me, and appear to be supporting the natural processes in the universe, as suggested by quantum physics theories, which imply that all matter is created by consciousness.

Nine - Angelic consciousness. This is the level that most people would associate with angels. The energy at this level is so pure and high-resonance that it can be difficult for most humans to connect to it, even during deep meditation. Our personal spirit guides act as an energetic bridge between us and these higher levels.

Eight - This is the level of higher-energy spirit guides, as well as the Galactic Council. If you've never heard of the Galactic Council, don't worry about it at this point. It's not important for this topic, but just a trail marker of sorts for those familiar with the concept of the Council.

Seven - This is the first level of the "higher consciousness" levels. This is where most people's spirit guides reside.

At this point, I feel like there's a hard ceiling that separates the lower astral levels from the higher levels. The lower astral levels are also populated with beings that can be perceived by certain humans, and, some would argue, animals.

Six - At this level, I've seen various types of non-physical alien races that interact with humans.

Five - I've seen elementals at this level, such as nature spirits, sprites, and similar types of beings.

Four - I generally associate this level with ghosts, the earthbound spirits of recently-deceased humans.

Three - This is us, y'all. The energy density that we perceive with our bodies' senses to be our everyday physical reality.

Two - Planetary consciousness. Deep, primal, and powerful.

One - Creator Consciousness, the level of beginning, or "alpha". This is the consciousness that gives birth to the physical laws of the universe, from which all life originates.

In my view, the layers work like an oroboros, where the end is the beginning, and layer twelve blends into layer one.

What Astral Parasites Are and How They Interact with Us

Within this model, astral parasites are found in the third layer and closest sections of the layers on either side - the second and fourth layers. If you are doing astral traveling, you will probably come across these entities at some point.

Astral parasites are sometimes incorrectly called demons. Not only am I not an expert demonologist, but to me, the word "demon" has a negative connotation that is altogether unhelpful in developing a coherent strategy for dealing with these entities. In our physical reality, we have entities that are not good for us, such as certain viruses, bacteria, and parasites (mosquitos, leeches, etc.), but these entities are not evil - they are simply doing what comes naturally to them. They have no particular intent to harm you; they are just doing what they must to survive. It is the same with astral parasites - while their impact on you may be negative, they themselves are not evil, and should not be thought of in those terms.

Astral parasites are non-physical beings with varying levels of organized consciousness. Some are quite conscious, nearly to the level that one may associate with a recently-departed human spirit, and others are less so, more akin to a consciousness that we might find in a plant or insect. Astral parasites are attracted to the type of energy they like, both good and not-so-good types of energy.

However, the most damaging parasites tend to be drawn to strong emitters of lower-order energy, such as the energies of anger, sadness, fear, hopelessness, helplessness, and so on. When people that are experiencing moments of spiritual weakness happen to come into contact with these entities, the entities take advantage of the weakness to "attach" to the person's energy field and begin receiving sustenance from the low-order energy being emitted by the person. In particular, drug and alcohol use, because they disrupt the balance of the body-spirit connection, create compelling invitations for astral entities to attach.

Once attached, the astral parasite attempts to manipulate the host into continuing to give it the type of energy it needs. The primary way it does this is by convincing the host that its way is the best way - that what the host needs most is to be homeless, drunk, high, lonely, in a relationship with an abuser, overly sexual, obese, anorexic, or whatever the parasite's favorite food is. The parasite becomes, in many ways, the host's best friend. The host, meanwhile, is nearly always completely oblivious to the manipulation.

Are You Afflicted by an Astral Parasite?

So if most hosts are oblivious to their parasite, how can one know if there is a problem or not? Good question! Basically, it comes down to the feeling that one is not completely in control of his or her own life. I heard a number of times from people with attached entities over the last few months that they felt, in one way or another, that there seemed to be some other force at work, that whatever they did, it never seemed to be enough, that they just could never seem to get out of the bad situation they didn't want to be in, despite their efforts.

What to Do with Parasites

If you suspect you are being affected by an astral parasite and don't know how to remove it yourself, you have a few options. One option is to go see someone that knows how to remove astral parasites, such as myself and many of those working with shamanic techniques that you might find in your local area.

However, self-healing is not only possible, but preferable in most situations. Astral parasites thrive on the host's belief in his or her own powerlessness, so recovering one's sense of self-direction is the best, most powerful way to reject astral parasites from the energy field and prevent new ones from coming near.

What to NOT do with Parasites

For those who do know how to identify and remove parasites, or are learning to, I'd like to offer one warning: NEVER remove an astral parasite without the host's express permission. In the most severe cases - the most obvious, heartbreaking, awful cases seemingly crying out for help - it is almost always the case that the astral parasite is playing a large role in organizing and directing the host's life. If the parasite is removed before the host is fully prepared to take on the difficult task of being responsible for his or her own life, the consequences of removal can be severe, resulting in a person suddenly having no sense of direction and no plan for the future. It is a terrifying experience that often results in the attraction of another astral parasite to fill the void. Please don't do that to someone you love.

A Last Word

Astral parasites sound scary, but they're really not that big of a deal. Think of them as a symptom of a bigger problem with the health of the spirit, one which can be addressed and healed either alone or with the assistance of an experienced helper. Just like trolls, take care not to attract or feed these entities by staying positive and motivated to learn and grow in your life. If you'd like to discuss this topic further, please do so in the comments.

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1 Comment

Your overview has been helpful but I disagree with you in referring to these parasites as benign in nature. Parasitic entities are demonic, even though you do not like the word demon, you have been soothed into believing that astral projection and contacting these things is good. When I was 18, which was 37 years ago, eyewitness my friend astral projecting and the result was he was taken over by a demon! I witnessed the struggle for his body. He was lying on a bed and he was being pulled up in the middle and his head and feet and entire body was off the bed as his hands were holding on to the side. I heard the guttural screams…

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