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Amaya Urzaa

Psychic Medium | Urban Shaman
Leadership and Life Coach

As a light-hearted channel of Spirit dedicated to your personal and professional growth, I aim to provide guidance and support that is detailed, relevant, insightful, and inspiring. You'll have greater awareness of where you are on your life's journey and how to get to where you want to be after a reading, energy clearing, class, or coaching session with me.

Areas of Expertise

Psychic Mediumship
Light Body Illumination
Sacred Ceremony
Intuitive Skills Training
Coaching for Highly Sensitive Professionals
Psychedelic Integration Coaching

I was born a powerful empath, feeling others' emotions as though they were my own. After this gift nearly ruined my life, I found a mentor and learned that my mind could do much more than I imagined.

I work primarily as an intuitive intermediary between my clients and their teams of spirit guides, providing powerful sessions of channeled wisdom that encourage change through targeted, specific action items. I can also act as a conduit for Spirit energy to clear and realign the body's energetic structure, create sacred ceremonies, and train others to act as a clear channel for Spirit. I am also available for new coaching clients at this time!



I am available for sessions evenings and weekends via Zoom video conferencing.

Call or text: 971-333-0690

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