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As a psychic, Amaya's job isn't to tell her clients what they want to hear. Rather, she and her team of spiritual helpers focus on what a person needs to hear to have the best chance of achieving his or her life goals. She focuses on providing details - specific information that resonates with the deepest part of a person's being, and pertinent advice that can be implemented right away to start moving forward.


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"She was able to give me information that really hit the spot and it has helped me to progress and process in new ways."  - Helene


"She has given me direction where I was floundering, and hope where I was feeling despair." - Kristie


"The entire experience was quite moving and profound. It also provided direction I so desperately wanted." - J

"I think the greatest benefit I have gotten is that knowing what I now know, I am more compassionate, especially toward myself." - Alexandra


"It helped me piece together some things I had been working on lately and furthered me to working on things I hadn't expected." - Tempie


"In the reading, things were brought up that only I knew about myself, it left me speechless." - Kimberley

"I've attended several of Amaya's classes and keep coming back for more. Amaya presented a new and fresh perspective on one particular subject I thought I knew." - Kevin


"I'm still shocked with how much my abilities have transformed since the first class." - Michelle


"She is patient and understanding and has a brilliant gift! I cannot express enough how  resourceful and talented she is!" - Jamie

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