Amaya Urzaa


The accuracy of an intuitive professional is not dependent upon physical proximity. Put another way, Amaya is able to give readings for anyone who speaks English (or has a good translator), anywhere on Earth. She has given readings and taught classes for clients in Europe and Australia, as well as all over the United States. If you do happen to be in the greater Portland, Oregon area, however, she has some special offerings available just for you.

A typical session starts with a discussion about what you would like to learn, clear, or feel by the end of your session. Amaya then makes contact with your team of personal spiritual helpers, which can include spirit guides, guardian angels, ancestors, and members of your soul family. With their guidance, Amaya channels the needed information and/or energy clearing. Learn more about sessions with Amaya here.

If you are lucky enough to be in the Portland, Oregon area, Amaya is available for your event. She offers healing ceremonies, land and space clearing, non-traditional wedding officiant services, and can provide a unique diversion at your next house party or corporate event.








In Person or via Skype



One hour, $100

Half an hour, $60

Not available

Two specific questions or one broad question, $75

One specific question, $45

Not available

$150 per two-hour class, plus $20 for each additional person (up to 7)

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More about Amaya's services...

Amaya offers classes on intuitive development for individuals and small groups. The classes are customized to your individual experience, traditions, and beliefs, so you will not be relearning things you already know how to do and you can easily incorporate the new skills into your daily life. You'll be given books to read, audio tracks to listen to, writing assignments, and daily practices to make sure that what you're learning sticks with you long after the class is over. Support the two-hour classes with 30-minute check-in sessions as needed to make sure you're staying on track.


Amaya's newest offering is the culmination of a long-time goal: closed circles of women or men, meeting every other week to support each other's spiritual growth. We are creating a new tribe of people who are all committed to becoming themselves, together. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area and would like to join a circle, please get in touch! The power of these circles to transform lives for the better cannot be overstated.