Amaya Urzaa


These Alaska residents wanted their life as a married couple to begin with a sacred ceremony inspired by a Native American medicine wheel and a Celtic handfasting, in a labyrinth, in the middle of Utah's stunning Zion National Park. No problem! Amaya turned the labyrinth into sacred space, provided procession music on a Native-American-style wooden flute, wrote vows to match the style of the ceremony, and officiated the joining of these two beautiful souls. She also had a brilliant time dancing in the rain at the reception.

Sacred Ceremony

There are many times in our lives that are best when marked by a ceremony of some kind: the transition from girl to woman or boy to man, leaving the childhood home to enter the world on one's own, making life-changing commitments such as marriage or parenthood, entering a healing profession, retiring from the world of work, or transitioning from the world of the physical to return to the world of the spiritual, among others. Co-create the perfect ceremony to mark your important life change with Amaya.

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