Amaya Urzaa


This has been a great series of classes, and I'm still shocked with how much my abilities have transformed since the first class. I really think these classes are a great opportunity to start learning what your abilities are and how to practice with them! - Michelle

Psychic Development Training Sessions

The most recent addition to Amaya's service offerings, these sessions have already made a big impact. Think about a series of personalized training sessions with Amaya if you are any of the following:

On a journey of enlightenment

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I have worked with Amaya on several occasions now and have been more than pleased with her work and talents. She is patient and understanding and has a brilliant gift! I have had the pleasure of receiving several readings from her and plan to get more, as well as training with her, and I cannot express enough how  resourceful and talented she is! I look forward our future work together and encourage anyone who is considering any type of services with Amaya to definitely take advantage of what she has to offer! - Jamie

Psychic Training

Client Reviews

Have a desire to be of spiritual service to others

An empath wanting to learn how to control and direct your abilities

Interested in becoming more centered, grounded, peaceful, and joyful

Seeking to incoporate spiritual practice into your daily life in fun new ways

I've attended several of Amaya's classes and keep coming back for more. Amaya is very organized and she knows her material quite well. Her classes are informative and fun. Amaya presented a new and fresh perspective on one particular subject I thought I knew. I’ve learned a lot from Amaya and enjoy both her one-on-one sessions and group classes. - Kevin