Amaya Urzaa


Amaya was surprisingly accurate and detailed in the reading I recieved from her. She was able to give me information that really hit the spot and it has helped me to progress and process in new ways. Thank you so much, Amaya! - Helene

General Readings

General readings can be about anything, and usually touch on more than one area of life. Common topics that are requested or come up naturally during readings are:

Learning about life purpose, gifts, and challenges

*Disclaimer: Amaya is not a trained health professional or energy healer. Her approach to health-related inquiries is to seek the advice of a person's spiritual guidance team, who know about and can provide insight regarding health issues.

I just had a second reading performed by Amaya to help me with a few current issues. It is hard to express just how much she has helped me. She was able to give me insight into tendencies within myself that I just couldn't figure out, and it was done with loving-kindness. She has given me direction where I was floundering, and hope where I was feeling despair. I'm sure this won't be my last reading with her. She is just a lovely person! - Kristie

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General Reading

Client Reviews

I recently had a reading done by Amaya via Skype....It was very beneficial to me to actually see the person I was talking to and strongly believe that this helped to solidify her connection. The reading went exceptionally well. She was able to hit on several things that were quite relevant to me. She also put me in touch with my guide for a formal introduction. The entire experience was quite moving and profound. It also provided direction I so desperately wanted. Her approach was very kind and whole hearted and I would recommend her to anyone! - J

Understanding love relationships, including how to find love

Making peace with or receiving support from deceased loved ones

Gaining clarity about problematic relationships with family members

Receiving an introduction to spirit guides and how to communicate with them

Recognizing the source of health problems and the spiritual purpose they serve*