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By Amaya, Oct 24 2017 09:30PM

Part of being a medium is that my mind has been trained to let information pass through it, without holding onto any of it. What this means is that I don't remember most the things I say when I'm doing a reading, and I remember almost none of the things I say when I'm channeling. One strange side effect of this is that I often forget how long I've been doing this work. I ran across this channeling from 2011 recently when I was going through some old documents, and it seems just as relevant today as it did back then. I hope you enjoy it.

By Amaya, Oct 5 2017 10:32PM

The short story is that being effective and efficient with my communication is important to me. I aim to communicate what I do as clearly as possible, with the fewest amount of words. But, of course, there is more to this story.

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Welcome to my blog, where I share my thoughts about psychic abilities, what "the other side" is like and how it works, and questions my clients and friends have asked me. I welcome thoughtful comments, be they complimentary or critical. Comments displaying a severe lack of empathy for myself or other commentors will be removed.

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Amaya Urzaa is a playful channel of Spirit, available for psychic readings, intuitive counseling, energy healing, and intuitive development classes in person in the Portland, Oregon area, or via online video chat anywhere in the world. Read more about Amaya here.