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Hello and thank you for visiting my site! These pages mark my official "coming out" as a professional intuitive. After an 18-year career in the very straightlaced, conservative world of banking, I have to admit that it still feels a little strange to be doing this.


My psychic abilities started to show very early in my life, but I (doing what most kids do) thought that my experiences were normal. Doesn't everyone dream the future and feel what everyone else is feeling? Um, no. It took me way too long to realize that (read about my "lightbulb moment" here), and even longer to accept that I was "special".


I still don't think I'm all that special; I've had to work many long years to harness my abilities and become good at what I do, just like everyone who is good at a particular craft or discipline. However, I do finally accept that all the work I've put in has resulted in something kind of amazing - a strong, clear intuitive ability that I use to help people like you. Today, I am confident to call myself a skilled, experienced psychic, medium, and shaman with a high degree of accuracy and relevance.


My absolute favorite way to use my abilities is to act as an interpreter intermediary between a person and their team of spirit guides. People often feel like they're so alone in their life journey, and it's very powerful to learn that we're not alone, that we've really had a team of powerful helpers around us constantly since before we were born. Once you know who your guides are, it's much easier to connect with them consciously when you need their support and wisdom.


My second-favorite way to make a difference is to help people like you learn to harness their own intuitive abilities. Intuition is our birthright as humans, and everyone can learn to have better control of their mind, to harness their intuition in a way that improves their life and the lives of the people around them. I had the benefit of an experienced mentor during my journey, and you can too.


I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me with any questions you may have about what I do and whether I might be a good match for your needs.




Amaya Urzaa is an intuitive counselor, psychic medium, energy worker, and shaman in Portland, Oregon. She is available for sessions in person, via online video chat, or by email. Evening and weekend hours only.

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Amaya Urzaa is a light-hearted channel of spirit, dedicated to your spiritual growth.

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